Malawi's friendly people

About Malawi

Malawi is known as the Warm Heart of Africa. Although less well known to tourists than its neighbours – Zambia to the west and Tanzania to the north-east – Malawi’s friendly people and dazzling scenery enchant all who visit.

The country is dominated by Lake Malawi, Africa’s third largest lake, which runs along part of the Great Rift Valley. Described by David Livingstone as the Lake of Stars, Lake Malawi is almost 600km long and home to more than a thousand species of fish.

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Canoeing on Lake Malawi The Lake is home to hundreds species of fish Malawi is known as ‘the warm heart of Africa’

Beach and safari holidays

It is possible to visit game parks in Malawi and view elephants, hippos and zebras, but the country’s greatest attraction is the lake. Along its shores you can experience traditional village life and gaze on mile after mile of perfect sandy beaches.

The lake is particularly inviting. The clarity of the water and the great abundance of marine life make it ideal for snorkelling and diving, while the absence of currents ensures it is wonderful for swimming, sailing, kayaking and watersports.

Because of this, Lake Malawi is perfect for a beach and safari holiday when combined with the game parks of Zambia, Tanzania or Malawi itself. Many visitors find a few days unwinding at the lake is the perfect way to end their holiday in Africa.

Lake Malawi National Park

The most picturesque part of Lake Malawi is in the south where Lake Malawi National Park is home to hundreds of species of fish, including the colourful cichlids. Inside the park the scenery is scintillating. Steep hills carpeted with trees tumble down into the deep blue water of the lake, while the shoreline is punctuated by islands, bays and large granite boulders.

This is where you’ll find Pumulani.

The people of Malawi

The people of Malawi are widely regarded as among the most friendly in Africa. In fact, a recent report by Lonely Planet named Malawi as the second friendliest country in the world, after Ireland. Malawi has a population of around 13 million, of which 80% are Christian. English is widely spoken along with the local Chichewa language.Many Malawians live in simple villages and hold traditional dances to which visitors are often welcomed. The most popular ceremony is the Gule Wankulu where dancers wear sacred masks.

When to visit Malawi

Daytime temperatures are pleasantly warm all year round on the shores of the lake. The months of April and May are mostly dry with only the occasional storm. June, July and August are dry with nice cool nights.

In September the temperatures start to rise again, and October and November tend to be hot and humid. December can see the onset of early rains.

Please note that Pumulani is closed during the wet season months of January, February and March.

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