Guest Feedback

Thanks for an amazing holiday - such a lovely place. Actually one of the best holidays I've ever had.

The Tarney Family
UK, December 2012

Thanks for an amazing holiday - such a lovely place. Actually one of the best holidays I've ever had - definitely a good review on trip advisor!

The Baroudels
UK, August 2012

At Pumulani - Some fantastic food and warm welcome. The villas are gigantic and so well decorated, with an amazing view on the lake. The sunsets were magnificent (especially from your bath in your gigantic villa, with a glass in your hand!). We went for a walk in the villages nearby and it was a good reality check for the kids but again some warm welcome from all.

Ben & Laura
Malawi, May 2012

It exceeded our expectations in every way and we're already looking forward to a repeat visit! We simply can't wait to get back there again!”

Rich & Anna
UK, April 2012

Anna & I have recently returned home from our honeymoon & would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you & your staff for making our honeymoon SO SPECIAL! You really spoilt us rotten, our personalized dinners, breakfasts on the dhow etc. etc.! As for the incredibly tasty food & making special gluton free meals we felt truly spoilt! Please could you pass on our thanks to your amazing staff – we miss their HUGE smiles & amazing nature!

We can’t wait to return to Malawi & hopefully Pumulani soon – we will definitely be spreading the good news & referring everyone to your beautiful place! All the best that end and we hope the season is a great one & Malawi goes from strength to strength during this challenging time!

Jonathan Filas,
US Embassy, Malawi, August 2010

This was an amazing place…every single facet was exemplary. Great guiding for bird-watching. Excellent Service, great hosts and staff. Overwhelming accommodation, beautiful villas, well maintained and clean, and very comfortable. The best food we’ve had in the region.

Janette Giles,
UK, August 2010

The village visit was a memorable experience, being a real village, not one set up for tourists and the dhow trip was lovely, even with extreme winds!

Jill Staines
UKJune 2010

What makes Pumulani so special is the views & the staff. There are views over the lake to 3 nearby villages where there is always lots of activity.

We saw fishermen on the lake in their dugout canoes & heard them singing as they worked. This created a wonderful atmosphere. The staff at Pumulani are mostly from the nearby villages. We were keen to learn about their lives and they were keen to hear about life in the UK. Malawi is a desperately poor country and it was good to see what Robin Pope are doing to help just a little.

Emma-Jane & Stephen Watchorn
May 2010

Pumulani, Lake Malawi: Absolutely fantastic place – enormous and stunning accommodation, beautifully located and really well done – one of the best places we have ever stayed in. Luke and Betty were excellent (please apologise to them again for us running off with the key – so sorry!) and run it brilliantly – very helpful, friendly and relaxed. All the staff were great, everything was really well organised and the activities were great fun. Lovely little touches like having your sundowner round the campfire, and lunch on the beach, were very much appreciated.

Alison Grimes
Malawi, April 2010

Thank you to all at Pumulani and to Robin Pope safaris for an absolutely SUPER holiday, great for the kids, relaxing for me and with superb food, views and the privilege of being in the National Park. Glen was great with us and patient with the kids taking them fishing and taking us all tubing and on the sailing boat. We came back relaxed and felt so pampered there. It was amazing to see the cichlids around your feet just off the beach, whereas most places you have to have a trip off the island to see them. 

Am now looking ahead to booking up at Christmas when my Mum visits and have spread the word in Blantyre and on facebook!

Sonja Schlegel
Malawi, March 2010

Our time at Pumulani was absolutely amazing. We were there for three days and felt like we had been away for three weeks. Luke, Bettina, Lukia, Michael, Loyce, Joseph, Black... all of them and the entire staff made us feel very special and pampered us all the way. The absolute top was breakfasting on the dhow on our last morning. We used Lake Malawi to its maximum - sailing, kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, speedboating - and I also went on a beautiful nature hike with Luke, kayaking back in the sunset to a stunning landscape. Throughout our stay, we enjoyed the beautiful views from our villas - the clear blue lake surrounded by lush hills and mountains, the fisher village in the distance - you didn't know where to look first. We will definitely be back! :-)

Modecai and Tapiwa
Malawi, October 2008

We would like to express the appreciation of my family for the very unique experience we had at Pumulani. The views are stunning; the staff are excellent and the food was great. It was so relaxing in the villas, it was incredible. We look forward to spending more time there. 
Mark and Jenna are wonderful and the staff take their cue from them.

All the best to Pumulani.